Tradition, foresight and sustainability - Portrait K.A. Blöchliger AG

K.A. Blöchliger AG from Dietikon is one of Switzerland's leading providers of a wide range of products and services to prevent and avert fire and smoke, as well as assistance and training for fire protection and evacuation. For our own motivation, sustainability efforts are deeply rooted in our corporate culture. In addition to a clear commitment to Switzerland as a workplace and vocational training, ecological sustainability is also on the agenda. In an interview with myclimate, René Blöchliger, Managing Director of K.A. Blöchliger explains the "how?" and the "why?

Photo from left to right: René Blöchliger and Kurt Blöchliger

Please describe your company in a few words!

<link - external-link "Opens external link in current window">K.A. Blöchliger AG</link> was founded in 1958 by Arnold Blöchliger, has been in the family since then and is already in the third generation. Together with my brother Kurt Blöchliger we run the company. With around 20 employees at the headquarters in Dietikon and a nationwide customer service network of 50 support centres, comprehensive fire protection is provided for private individuals and companies.

As a long-standing general agency of <link - external-link "Opens external link in current window">GLORIA</link>, and other well-known brands such as <link - external-link "Opens external link in current window">Sea-Fire</link>, we take the consistent way to make the lives and property of people and companies safer. Unfortunately, the fire risk is still underestimated. Systematic prevention is not difficult and can save lives, plants and objects at a decisive moment. When did you last test your fire extinguisher?

In your very specific industry you would not necessarily expect sustainability in an ecological sense, especially when communicating with your customers. Why does it still play such an important role in your company?

In today's world, the focus must be on responsibility, irrespective of the industry. We have set ourselves the goal of contributing to the safety of people and goods, and this includes innovative products to positively influence people, animals and the environment, as well as conscious action in everyday work wherever possible.

Why did you decide on climate protection with myclimate?

An employee brought this topic into the company many years ago and was able to motivate and inspire us with the idea of working for myclimate - as you can see, we are still active. It is our goal to get customers and partners to take this step further.

What other projects are planned for you in the field of sustainability? Do you want to expand your commitment to climate protection at a later date?

Yes, indeed! We are currently planning a sustainable project for next year with active participation desired by the employees. It is still open which of the three projects the K.A.B. team will decide on. In any case, I am very pleased that our team is acting responsibly - this benefits not only the environment, but also the cooperation of the workforce.

How important are environmental aspects in fire protection solutions at the material level? Can the use of climate-friendly substances be avoided or regulated at all?

That is an important question. As already mentioned, we act holistically and regulation is absolutely feasible through the use of production techniques and technologies that have little impact on the environment. In its range, K.A.B. offers ecologically sustainable solutions with high extinguishing power, such as the S 6 Premium foam extinguisher. The impregnating GLORIA high-performance organic foam does not contain any environmentally harmful PFOS or PFOA and is more than 99% biodegradable!

The new NOVECTM has also replaced the highly harmful HALON in the area of room and object protection by means of new technologies. This is not only completely residue-free, but also environmentally friendly. Furthermore, we guarantee every customer who has purchased an extinguisher from us and/or regularly serviced it, to take it back and recycle it at no further cost once its service life has expired.

By purchasing all K.A.B. products, customers <link - external-link "Opens external link in current window">contribute to climate protection</link>. K.A.B. has contractually undertaken to pass on to myclimate a fixed contribution to climate protection for each product sold. The company from Dietikon expressly motivates its customers and partners to take this step as well. 

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