Uni-Sommer Bayreuth and Sports for Future donate 14,554 euros for a myclimate climate protection project

Students of the University of Bayreuth organized a charity run as part of their event «Summer Feeling 2021» to raise money for the high-quality myclimate carbon offset project «Small-Scale Farmers Reforest Forests in Uganda» and were extremely successful. The goal of the run, which was held in cooperation with Sports for futures and CommunityMove, was to cover a total of 5,699 kilometers. This corresponds to the distance from Bayreuth to Masindi, Uganda.

With a total of 578 participants, 5,562 kilometers run and a total donation of 14,554 euros, the organizers can now successfully summarize the charity run. The amount raised will benefit the aforementioned myclimate climate protection project and is made up of 7,277 euros in running donations and a subsequent doubling campaign by Sports for Future e. V..

Stefan Wagner, founder of Sports for Future and Stefan Baumeister, managing director of myclimate Germany delivered the great news about the collected donation amount to Ms. Pauline Nantongo Kalunda in a video call after the running event. She is Executive Director of Ecotrust, the local project partner of myclimate for the Uganda project.

«I´m really really excited about this fundraising program. For us, this comes out of nowhere and just at the right time. It will help us to kickstart further investments in our afforestation program together with our partners», she says enthusiastically and reports on the current happenings of the climate protection project.

«It's really great to hear how this carbon offset program benefits the farmers while driving reforestation locally», Wagner said, summarizing the new information gathered from the conversation.

And Baumeister adds: «Already ten years ago, when I had the opportunity to visit the project in Uganda, I was impressed by the holistic approach of this climate protection project, which is not just about planting trees. More than that, this reforestation program is about partnering with local communities, which benefits farmers socially and economically and thus promotes the development of the region.»


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