Wackler now offers CO2 offsetting with myclimate

The topics of emissions reduction and offsetting have long since arrived in the logistics industry. This is also the case at Wackler. The family-run company based in Göppingen offers customers the opportunity to offset the CO2 emissions generated during transport by donating to myclimate carbon offset projects.

The offsetting amount depends on the weight of the shipment and the distance. For example, for a 500-kilogram consignment from Stuttgart to Berlin, the offsetting amount is 50 cents, which corresponds to a distance of 630 kilometres. «More and more customers are asking how high the CO2 emissions of their logistics orders are», explains Maximilian Schwarz, Business Development Manager at Wackler.

With a specially developed CO2 shipment calculator, the logistics company has a tool to determine this precisely. In addition, customers now have the option to offset the previously determined CO2 emissions via high-quality myclimate projects. In this way, both individual shipments and an entire transport can be offset.

Specifically, Wacker supports the following two projects with its offset offer, both of which are certified according to the GoldStandard quality standard: «Biogas plants benefit Nepalese families» and «Clean drinking water for schools and households in Uganda».


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