«We are on the right track»

Since the beginning of last year, Baden-Württemberg has had its own carbon offset foundation, making it a pioneer in Germany. It accompanies the state, private individuals and companies on the path to carbon neutrality. myclimate has supported the Baden-Württemberg Carbon Offset Foundation as a strategic partner from the very beginning. Director Julia Kovar-Mühlhausen explains which milestones the foundation has reached so far and what makes it tick.

Julia Kovar-Mühlhausen took over the management of the new Climate Protection Foundation Baden-Württemberg on 15th February 2021.


Climate neutrality by 2040: that is the mission of the state of Baden-Württemberg. What measures do you and your team use to support this goal, Ms Kovar-Mühlhausen?

Kovar-Mühlhausen: We support the state administration and companies in quickly tackling the goal of climate neutrality. For example, we are launching a programme Climate Protection in Cultural Institutions, which helps cultural institutions in Baden-Württemberg to balance their emissions. A balance sheet is the basis for uncovering potential savings and becoming climate neutral in the medium term. In addition, through our high-quality offsetting options, we help companies and others to take responsibility for the climate today and to offset their residual emissions.


What role does the cooperation with myclimate play in this?

Kovar-Mühlhausen: myclimate Germany supports the Baden-Wuerttemberg Carbon Offset Foundation primarily by providing advice on the calculation and reduction of CO2 emissions, for example by companies, and on the implementation of CO2 offsetting. The non-profit organisation provides CO2 certificates from international carbon offset projects that are certified according to the strictest quality standards and supports the Carbon Offset Foundation in the development and implementation of its own carbon offset projects in the future.


The Klimaschutzstiftung Baden-Württemberg is now almost exactly one year old. Against the backdrop of the Corona pandemic, the start for your work was certainly not easy. And yet Christoph Dahl, Managing Director of the higher-level Baden-Württemberg Foundation, looks back with satisfaction on the strategic and operational development achieved so far. Do you see it the same way?

Kovar-Mühlhausen: Absolutely. We are on the right track. Our CO2 compensation offers, workshops and lectures are meeting with great interest among associations and companies. As of today, we have offset more than 5,000 tonnes of CO2 and agreed to programmes worth more than 1 million euros. For example, the L-Bank was the first state company to offset with us; the Stuttgart Stock Exchange is also one of our customers. In addition, our first climate protection programmes in the state will start in spring.


Which programmes will these be?

Kovar-Mühlhausen: One programme line is dedicated to climate protection in construction, housing and building use. The first call for proposals in this programme line is directed at universities and research institutions with the aim of promoting climate protection concepts and measures at the institutions themselves. The second programme line adopted focuses on regional climate protection, from which the Climate Protection in Cultural Institutions programme will initially be launched.


The possibility of CO2 compensation already exists via the website of the Klimaschutzstiftung BW. The next step will be a mobile app. Is it already clear when and where this will be available?

Kovar-Mühlhausen: The "Climate Buddy" app will soon be available in all app stores. It was developed by the state of Baden-Württemberg in cooperation with us and gives users the opportunity to calculate their carbon footprint and continuously improve it. You can also compensate directly via the Climate Protection Foundation.


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