What is sustainable investment all about – Online event on 17 June 2021.

What does sustainable investing mean? The choice of investment products and opportunities is ever increasing, losing clarity in the process and making it increasingly difficult to check which products are actually sustainable and which only serve the purpose of "green washing".

During the Women in Sustainable Finance (WISF) event, which is co-hosted by myclimate, we will speak with industry experts on this topic and shed light on the darkness. Our experts will show what to look out for and give tips on sustainable investing. The aim of the panel discussion is to provide clarity on what the experts believe is the most efficient way to allocate capital to make a positive contribution to climate change. Our panelists are Barbara Truyers from myclimate, Vitaline Copy from Quintet and Jörg Sandrock from Neon-free. The panel will be moderated by Edith Aldewereld from WISF.


Event type: Microsoft Teams Live Event

Date: 17.06.2021

Time: 17:00-18:00

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