Graubündner Kantonalbank and myclimate: a Partnership for Climate Protection

As of 2015, the cantonal bank in Graubünden has carried the label of a climate-neutral company. Climate protection has a central role in the bank’s sustainability strategy. The Graubünden cantonal bank wants to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 40 % by 2025.

With the myclimate performance platform, the bank has access to the perfect tool for continuously monitoring its ecological footprint. Annual reporting allows the company to compare current values and then take the appropriate action. Unavoidable emissions are compensated in the myclimate cooker project in China.

This cooker project replaces traditional coal-fired stoves in rural households in the Shanxi Province in China with cleaner gas cookers that run on biomass. Substituting biomass for coal reduces CO₂ emissions and improves the air quality inside people’s homes, and thus the health of women and children.


Climate protection projects

Cooking with Corn Cobs Instead of Coal

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