Supaso creates a good climate - indoors & outdoors

Supaso does good for the climate. Inside the packaging, the goods remain frozen or chilled for 48+ hours. And outside the packaging, sustainability is a top priority. The packaging is made from 100% recycled material and can be reused again in its entirety in waste paper.

The Styrian company Supaso developed a high-performance packaging that maintains a constant climate for 48 hours. In doing so, Supaso has created an alternative to the less environmentally friendly polystyrene box for refrigerated shipping. At the same time, it protects the products, the environment and the wallet. Mario Maier, CFO Supaso: "Hardly any company can avoid making concrete statements about the sustainability of its products. However, empty phrases and lip service are not enough - we wanted to make sure that we know the impact of our products and thus create the basis for further improvements".

Supaso opted for the myclimate label for products and services. In the first step, myclimate calculated the CO2 emissions of the new type of packaging. All raw materials, transports, production processes as well as use and disposal were considered. Supaso then made a contribution to the myclimate climate protection project "Savings Groups Enable Women to Afford an Efficient Cook Stove in Kenya" in the amount of the calculated CO₂ emissions and the packaging was awarded with the myclimate label.

With the help of the tracking number integrated in the myclimate label, the supported project can be viewed online at any time. All myclimate projects meet the highest standards (CDM, Gold Standard, Plan Vivo) and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, thus directly protecting the climate. However, climate protectio projects not only reduce climate-impacting emissions, but also contribute to sustainable development in the project region.

We want to offer a high-performance yet affordable alternative to non-sustainable solutions for the refrigerated shipping of food, medical products and other goods. The certification should ensure that we can back up our statements about the sustainability of our product with concrete figures. myclimate presented itself as a reputable partner in our research, and its structure as a non-profit organisation particularly appealed to us.

Mario Maier, Co-Founder

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