Carbon Insetting – Climate Protection in the Supply Chain

Carbon insetting is an investment by your company in emissions reduction projects within the supply chain. In contrast to emissions reduction in external climate protection projects (carbon offset projects), climate protection money remains within your company’s value creation cycle.



myclimate identifies and develops climate protection projects within your value chain – both throughout Switzerland and internationally. In addition, the introduction of internal carbon pricing can lead to the creation of an internal incentive for offering increased climate-friendly products or implementing processes.

Why is carbon insetting of interest?

Carbon insetting is not just good for the climate; your company benefits economically and creates an image of itself as a responsible firm.

  • Financial funding for climate protection stays within the company or the value chain
  • Stakeholder relationships are strengthened.
  • Active supply chain management helps to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • You can consolidate your organisation’s image as one that wants to take responsibility for achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement.
  • You can achieve an incentive effect in the event of sufficiently high internal carbon pricing (ICP).

myclimate – climate protection solution from a single source

myclimate offers carbon insetting as a holistic concept that is not merely limited to the identification, development and MRV (measurement, reporting, validation) of emissions reduction projects but can also include additional services:

  • Analysis of supply chain management to date
  • Development of innovative financing tools
  • Implementation and management of a climate protection fund
  • Marketing strategy for the external communication of carbon insetting


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