What are CO₂ certificates?

CO₂ certificates represent the amount of emissions that are compensated for. A certificate corresponds to one ton of greenhouse gases.

The amount of greenhouse gas emissions that are reduced or avoided through a climate protection project are calculated as follows: For power production with renewable energies, the amount calculated is the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that the climate protection project reduces or avoids. 

The calculation also involves outlining a scenario that represents the greenhouse gas emissions that would have been created had the climate protection project not been done. This scenario is referred to as a baseline. The expected emissions reduction is calculated as the difference between the baseline emissions and the expected project emissions. 

Unavoidable CO₂ emissions from product manufacture and service provision can be offset by acquiring CO₂ certificates, making them climate-neutral. For this purpose, CO₂ certificates are sold in the accordant amount and subsequently cancelled. This cancellation confirms verifiability that the certificate’s owner has performed compensation measures.

With the myclimate CO₂ calculator you can calculate and compensate your CO₂ emissions.

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