New Project Film – Biogas Plants in Rural India

myclimate Germany CEO, Stefan Baumeister, visited myclimate projects in Nepal and India in autumn 2017. He was accompanied by a local camera crew. A new short film was produced, which impressively illustrates the role of biogas plants, and particularly their advantages for rural, small-scale farming families.

Stefan Baumeister, General Manager myclimate Germany, and Vidya Sagar, CEO SKG Sangha

"My father was a small-scale farmer. He told me I should do something for the people in these rural areas," says Vidya Sagar, CEO of <link http: external-link external link in current>SKG Sangha and local project partner of myclimate, explaining his motivation. However, we do not just hear from Stefan Baumeister, Vidya Saghar and long-term myclimate project manager Tanja Schmid in the <link https: external-link external link in current>four-and-a-half minute film. The focus is on those involved in the project, predominantly women and girls, who describe their experiences with the biogas plants.

The film was produced by communications and film agency, <link https: external-link external link in current>VSSTORY. Filming on the ground in India was carried out by Wei Lee Yap and photography was by Harsha Poojari. The edit was finalised by Wei Lee Yap, Jacqui Hocking, and Irene Sánchez-Prieto. A big thank you for the successful implementation of the project goes to Vidya Sagar, the local myclimate project partner.

<link https:>Watch the film

The "Biogas for rural households" programme

The primary goal of this climate protection programme is to build biogas plants as a clean and sustainable energy source for households throughout India. Biogas generated from cow dung is to replace the fuels currently being used, such as firewood and kerosene. The project contributes to eight Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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