Alpensped doubles compensation performance

The logistics service provider Alpensped from Mannheim is celebrating a significant anniversary: The medium-sized family business has been committed to sustainability for 10 years and is thus considered one of the pioneers in the logistics industry.

In the anniversary year, the Mannheim-based company has set a clear signal by offsetting 10 percent of all transport emissions with the non-profit climate protection organisation myclimate. For 2019, 1736 tons of CO2e were retroactively offset, which represents an increase of more than 100 percent compared to the previous year.
The Alpensped administration has been climate-neutral since 2011 and has been offsetting part of its transport services via the high-quality carbon offset projects of myclimate since 2015. This year, the Alpensped employees chose the project "Less deforestation of the rainforest due to efficient cooks stoves in Kenya".

And Alpensped has other major goals to reduce the impact of economic trade on the environment. "We want to take our customers along this path of continuous CO2 reduction and compensation", says Managing Director Christian Faggin. And reveals that the preparations for implementation are currently in full swing. The company's goal is to be climate-neutral by 2025.
Alpensped has already sensitised its customers and taken them along on the green path with the shipment related CO2 footprint (TCF) developed and certified in 2012, which is shown on every invoice.

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