Carvolution - Car Subscription with CO2-Offsetting

Carvolution customers now have the opportunity to offset their CO2 emissions free of charge when they fill up. The Bernese car subscription provider fully offsets the direct and indirect fossil fuels emissions through carbon offset projects of the myclimate foundation.

When refueling with an AVIA fuel card, which Carvolution customers have been able to obtain since June 2020, a discount of five cents per liter is granted. From now on, customers are free to decide whether they want to continue to receive this discount or whether they prefer to offset the direct and indirect CO2 emissions of the fuel filled up with Carvolution via myclimate. Since the contribution of five cents does not fully compensate all fuel emissions, Carvolution offsets the remaining amount with its own financial resources. With this step, the car subscription provider is setting an example for the automotive sector in taking action against climate change.

Climate protection concerns all of us and we are convinced that many of our customers see it the same way and want to work with us.

Olivier Kofler, CEO of Carvolution

Effective offsetting of fuel emissions with myclimate

Carvolution offsets its fuel emissions through carbon offset projects of the myclimate foundation. The funds from the CO2 offsetting goes into various myclimate carbon offset projects that not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also contribute to the social, ecological and economic development of the region. In doing so, these carbon offset projects meet the highest standards and contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


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