Climate Education in Liechtenstein

The government of Liechtenstein has decided to participate in two myclimate projects. One is the "Energy and Climate Pioneers" project aimed at public pre-school, primary and secondary school pupils, and the other is the "Energy and Climate Laboratory" project in the area of vocational training.

The core of the project "Principality of Liechtenstein - Pioneer(s) for a climate-friendly and sustainable society" is to give as many pupils as possible, as well as a large proportion of apprentices in Liechtenstein the opportunity to actively shape their future.

Energy and Climate Pioneers

In cooperation with the Liechtenstein Education Authority, this project encourages young people from pre-school to secondary school to discover their scope for action by developing and implementing projects to protect the climate and the environment in class.

During the five-year project period, a teaching aid and teaching material will be developed in parallel with the projects of the "Energy and Climate Pioneers" to allow the independent treatment of learning content by teachers. The project thus supports the implementation of the new Liechtenstein curriculum "LiLe" in the field of Education for Sustainable Development (Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung, BNE). BNE is not a new subject, but a content orientation, which serves as a guide in all disciplines as well as impacting the schools overall, and is therefore represented in the curriculum in an interdisciplinary way. Teachers are thus enabled to teach BNE and climate protection in a competent and action-oriented way.

Energy and Climate Laboratory

The "Energy and Climate Laboratory" project in the area of dual vocational training gives apprentices in Liechtenstein the opportunity to use their professional knowledge to develop energy-saving projects. The project is being implemented in cooperation with the Office for Vocational Training and Guidance (Amt für Berufsbildung und Berufsberatung). The apprentices implement their own projects in small groups and enter them in a competition that takes place every two years. In addition, the apprentices analyse existing processes within the company, independently develop innovative solutions and make a valuable contribution to the company.

"The two projects aim to give as many young people in Liechtenstein as possible the opportunity to make their own contributions to greater sustainability and climate protection," says Dominique Hasler, the Minister of Home Affairs, Education and Environment. "Liechtenstein is taking on a pioneering role through these two projects".

Agenda 2030 for sustainable development

The UN's Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development contains 17 objectives for sustainable development. These include practically all areas that are relevant for sustainable development. It is important that government, business and society work together to implement the sustainability goals. Every UN member state, including Liechtenstein, is required to implement the Agenda at a national level. The two myclimate projects give young people a concrete and collaborative platform to proactively tackle the shaping of a sustainable society and its future. They thus make a valuable contribution to the implementation of Lichtenstein's sustainability goals.

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