Climate Offensive from ebs Erdgas + Biogas AG

Since October 2019, ebs Erdgas + Biogas AG has been supplying its customers with KlimaGas as a standard product. KlimaGas completely offsets CO2 in partnership with myclimate. The energy supply company is going one step further with its climate offensive by offering climate-conscious customers the options of KlimaGas20 with 20 per cent biogas or 100 per cent renewable biogas.

Photo: Remo Inderbitzin

With its climate offensive, ebs Erdgas + Biogas AG, the energy provider for the Innerschwyz region, is focusing on KlimaGas and Biogas. Customers can now choose from three new options.

When purchasing the standard KlimaGas product, the entire CO2 emissions from natural gas are offset via myclimate carbon offset projects. While natural gas is by nature climate-friendly (compared to oil heating, CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 25 per cent) and causes the lowest emission values of any fossil fuel when burned, natural gas cannot be used entirely without emissions. It is for this reason that ebs has decided to offset CO2 emissions.

“The climate and a sustainable future in particular are very important to us,” says Hans Peter Tanner, ebs Customers Division Manager. “That's why we are now systematically going one step further, switching over from natural gas to climate gas. In myclimate, we found a strong and reliable partner for this.” For the KlimaGas20 product, ebs adds 20 per cent renewable biogas. Especially committed customers can also operate their gas heating with 100 per cent renewable biogas.

Ivo Hüsler, Branch Manager for Natural Gas Partners at myclimate, praises the engagement of ebs: “The success of the climate offensive was already clear after the first quarter. More than 90 per cent of ebs customers are reliant on sustainable climate gas, meaning that according to early forecasts, around 6500 tonnes of CO2 will be saved within one year. As an environmentally aware energy company, ebs is currently clearly showing that in combination with biogas, climate-neutral natural gas can make a key contribution to sustainability via customer-oriented product design and transparent communication”.

The emissions are offset via high-quality myclimate carbon offset projects: With the Small Biogas Plants for Rural Households project in the Kolar district in India, large quantities of firewood are saved, forests are protected from deforestation and sustainable organic fertilisers are produced. In the Electricity from FSC Wood Waste in the Amazon project, diesel generators are replaced with climate-friendly electricity generated from the wood waste left by an FSC sawmill. At the same time, the methane emissions otherwise caused by rotting wood waste are avoided. And the renaturation of Swiss upland moors via rehydration binds large quantities of carbon into the soil, with other effects including increased biodiversity and improved flood protection.

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