«It´s time to act»

At myclimate Germany, Sven Focken-Kremer has joined the marketing team as project manager for communications. In our short interview, he talks about why he chose myclimate and reveals what is important for companies when it comes to climate impact communication.

At myclimate Germany, Sven Focken-Kremer has been responsible for communications and press relations since October. Photo: myclimate


Sven, why did you decide to work for myclimate, what inspires you?
Sven Focken-Kremer: myclimate connects my three heartfelt topics in a perfect way: Climate protection, communication and non-profit. In addition, there is a great team play. Many companies are committed to this, but at myclimate it is lived out as a corporate culture.


Why is climate protection so important to you personally?
Sven Focken-Kremer: It is about a future fit for grandchildren, intergenerational justice and global respect. I want to be able to look my daughter and future generations in the eye and say that I was part of a solution movement. The knowledge for this has long been available, it is time to act.


As a communication expert, what is your advice to other companies that are already active in climate protection?
Sven Focken-Kremer: Responsible companies that (want to) consider climate protection as a decisive factor in all their processes are faced with the challenge of a «green competitor mass». Almost all of them communicate that they are «sustainable». Keyword greenwashing. What is needed here is transparent, honest communication that is also open to criticism and that involves everyone: From the employees to the suppliers to the customers.

The basis for success is a holistic climate strategy — from calculation to reduction and avoidance to climate protection investments. Established carbon offset consultants such as myclimate provide support and underline the company's goals with high standards, experience and credibility. With this mix, it is possible to stand out from the crowd in terms of communication.




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