Climate Protection in your Organisation: Discover our new Educational Portfolio for Companies

The newly launched myclimate education product for companies is aimed at specialist and management staff, a key target group. Employees often know their company’s products and processes best, which means they play a decisive role in the company’s climate transformation and in shaping a climate-friendly economy. The Educational Portfolio for Companies is currently supported by the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN). Around a dozen companies can book selected education modules at reduced rates.

Joint development of solutions in the area of climate protection and sustainability, photo: myclimate

The private sector and its companies and employees play a key role in achieving global climate targets. This is where myclimate’s Educational Portfolio for Companies comes in, taking specialist and management staff at different levels on a journey towards greater sustainability within your company. The educational programme is highly flexible and can be tailored to the target group. The various modules can thus be adapted not only to employees’ level of knowledge, but also to the company’s very own context with its specific circumstances and any regulations that might apply.


The educational modules mentioned above are varied and have different focuses. They can be seamlessly combined with each other. In this way, companies with different starting points can receive support with their sustainability transformation and get help with different issues. For instance, a company may have identified areas where emissions are high, yet it may still need support in developing ideas for climate protection. Or an organisation may be working on a specific issue, such as mobility or nutrition, and would like to implement effective measures together with its employees. The starting point for the collaboration can also be a specific issue used as the basis for developing and implementing projects. 


The pilot phase of the myclimate Educational Portfolio for Companies is supported by the FOEN. This means that around a dozen companies can book individual modules at reduced rates, saving up to 50% on the original costs. Companies based in Switzerland, ideally with more than 200 employees, can benefit from the newly launched myclimate educational programme and kick-start their organisation’s climate transformation.


If you are interested in taking part or would like further information, please contact Silja Giovanoli.

Find out more about myclimate’s new education product here: Educational Portfolio for Companies (


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