«myclimate made the running again»

The head office of the Barmenia insurance group, headquartered in Wuppertal, has been climate-neutral since 2015 and has chosen myclimate as its carbon offset partner from the very beginning. Now, five years later, the company has scrutinised and re-evaluated the number of offsetting provi-ders, which has grown considerably in the meantime. Barmenia's sustainability officer Stephan Bongwald and his team looked at 37 providers and examined them in detail.

myclimate prevailed among 37 offset providers. Stephan Bongwald, sustainability officer of Barmenia. Photo: Barmenia

«Three offsetting providers were in our final selection, and they were all good,» summarises Bongwald and reveals his decision: «However, myclimate made the running again. For one thing, the non-profit climate protection organisation is a non-profit limited liability company and comes closest to our legal form of mutual insurance company. And for another, we were convinced by the transparent presentation of services and costs as well as the large number of own project developments.» Barmenia will therefore continue to work with myclimate Deutschland gGmbH over the next three years.

For 2020, Barmenia will offset 839 tonnes of unavoidable CO2 emissions with myclimate Germany. For this, the employees of the insurance company were able to vote between three high-quality myclimate carbon offset projects and choose their favourite. With 41.5 percent of the votes, the participants chose the project Dominican Republic — solar power plant replaces fossil energy. The company was able to significantly reduce the CO2 emissions caused by its business operations in advance through a variety of measures. Thus, for the year 2020, a further improvement of 56 tonnes to 839 tonnes of CO2 was achieved compared to the previous year.

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