myclimate takes over sponsorship for the initiative ""

myclimate supports the association "3 Fürs Klima e.V." as a betting sponsor and carbon offset project provider, which recently started online with its initiative "". With the climate bet, the founders want to win at least one million people by October 2021, who together with the association will set an example: We need better climate protection! In addition, the targeted one million participants are expected to save a total of one million tons of CO2 in the end, to demonstrate: We are taking the first step ourselves.

The initiators of "" and the climate protection organization myclimate are presenting the bet and their partnership together in Cologne. At the start of the campaign, the two cooperation partners were on the road in several places in Germany. Picture: 3 Fürs Klima e. V.

As one of 16 betting sponsors, myclimate made the start of the bet possible by providing a small loan as starting capital for the climate bet. In addition, myclimate is involved in the "" campaign as a provider of the high-quality carbon offset project "Solar Panels for Education and Quality of Life". All those who would like to help ensure that the bet works out in the end have the opportunity to offset one ton of CO2 on the website with a donation of 25 euros and thus support the myclimate project, for example. In total, participants can choose from six different carbon offset projects or divide the donation among all projects.

The goal of the high-quality Gold Standard project of myclimate is to equip villages in Ethiopia and Kenya with solar home systems to produce electricity for lighting. The project participants are also replacing kerosene lamps, which are harmful to health and the climate, with bright solar-powered LED lights. This is accompanied by an education and training concept so that the solar home systems can be installed and maintained by solar technicians on site. This improves the living conditions on site and avoids about 14,000 tons of CO2 per year.

Bet you can find a million participants who will save an additional one million tons of CO2 by the time the Glasgow Climate Conference takes place in 2021! Find out now and take part in the climate bet:


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