Seamlessly integrating climate protection into industrial solutions

In order to achieve the necessary speed in climate protection, solutions must be integrated into all processes from the outset at industry level. SQUAKE offers an intelligent solution and suitable interfaces for the travel and logistics industry worldwide. Philipp von Lamezan, CEO and co-founder of SQUAKE, talks about the idea behind SQUAKE and the biggest challenges in climate protection.

Philipp von Lamezan, CEO and co-founder of SQUAKE. Picture: SQUAKE

SQUAKE and myclimate have been linked by a partnership since this year. What is the history and mission of SQUAKE?

Philipp von Lamezan: At SQUAKE, we believe in the joint power of companies in the carbon (emissions) market to drive emissions of our society towards zero.

SQUAKE as a tech infrastructure brings various parties together and connects multiple disciplines into power – to create an impactful solution for customers. From

  • calculating and displaying carbon emissions, to  
  • avoidance and reduction of emissions through to
  • financing climate protection projects for unavoidable emissions.

Having built the first version of our platform for and with Lufthansa Group tremendously helped to build a robust system which – incorporated by SQUAKE – is now available to all industry players at scale.


What is unique in the way SQUAKE contributes to reaching our global climate targets?

Philipp von Lamezan: Our client base comes from the travel and logistics industry, in which we specialize. This concerns the methodologies to calculate carbon emissions, the types of financing climate protection projects and reductions used, but also the way how our product is implemented into our clients’ operating systems and booking flows to create maximum impact.

The uniqueness of our solution lies in the tech performance of our infrastructure, which is mission critical to large players, as well as the widest range of available methodologies and options for financing climate protection projects on the market.


Where do your customers come from (geographically and in terms of sectors) and how do they implement the SQUAKE offer?

Philipp von Lamezan: We are specialists in travel and logistics. Our clients are all over the world and – as they are mobility providers - operate globally. The implementation is offered twofold: large corporations and enterprises can implement our services via an API directly into their process and tech-landscape. Smaller companies can book readymade tools through our partners such as SAP, atriis, and many more soon.


What are your reasons for cooperating with myclimate?

Philipp von Lamezan: myclimate has been a trusted and impactful partner since day one, providing us with their range of climate protection projects as well as their expertise around their portfolio, such as climate impact, but also regarding community aspects in the areas of the projects. As trusted partners by our side, myclimate has pushed the boundaries to foster transparency and service-oriented handling of carbon credits. As SQUAKE is experiencing strong growth, it is important to join forces with partners who can accommodate for that.


In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges on our way to a more sustainable world?

Philipp von Lamezan: We are observing multiple challenging factors, e.g., with regards to how carbon emissions are being calculated according to the right standards. Another one concerns the specific claims made by corporate buyers of climate protection financing and emission reductions. A third layer of complexity is the operational challenge to implement “sustainability” into our daily life and business operations. Only by integrating seamlessly – in quite literal terms – and using joint efforts throughout the involved parties (from the individuum to businesses, institutions and regulatory bodies), adaption will take place at the pace required to meet the set goals.


Germany wants to be climate neutral in 2045. What would you like to be able to say in 2045 about 2023?

Philipp von Lamezan: It takes courage, movement and role models to drive change, especially in context of goals such as “actual net zero” for a country. The time for that is now. In 2045, I would love to see that SQUAKE is being deemed as one of the big change makers and enablers of the industry.


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