Tour operator Studiosus makes all travel from 2021 onwards climate neutral with myclimate

The travel company Studiosus, which specialises in study tours, is expanding its commitment to climate protection and, from 2021, will offset all greenhouse gases with myclimate that are produced for participants during their travels.

"Despite a difficult environment due to Corona, we have managed to put together a wide range of products and have also taken another big step forward in terms of sustainability," says Studiosus managing director Peter-Mario Kubsch. Studiosus presents more than 400 tours in 120 countries worldwide for the 2021 travel year. The tour operator is focusing in particular on European destinations that are easy to reach by bus and rail - including Germany, which is making a comeback in the study tour market after 32 years.

Since 2012, the Munich-based tour operator has been offsetting bus, train and ship journeys by investing in high-quality myclimate carbon offset projects. In the future, Studiosus will also include air travel and overnight stays including meals in its offsetting service. The money for the CO2 offsetting goes into the construction of biogas plants in Nepal, which fulfil the Gold Standard quality criteria. This ensures that the biogas plants reduce the generation of greenhouse gases and at the same time promote sustainable development in the project area by benefiting the local families: Deforestation is reduced, as no firewood is needed for cooking. The women, who previously had to collect wood for cooking every day, will be relieved. Cooking with biogas means that open wood fires in the house are no longer needed. This helps to prevent accidents and reduces smoke and the associated eye diseases. The resulting high-quality organic fertiliser replaces chemical fertilisers and increases agricultural yields.

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