«Zero sugar» beverage advertising campaign with zero carbon footprint

For Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Germany, the goal is clear: in the future, all advertising media in the retail and out-of-home markets are to become carbon neutral. The current point-of-sale campaign for zero-sugar drinks was the first time the company worked with myclimate to make it climate-neutral worldwide. The entire chain was taken into account - from the production of advertising materials to storage, packaging, shipping and recycling.

The advertising campaign of the well-known beverage producer, designed for advertising and retail space, comprises a total of 3,600 packages with seven different print articles. «It is important to always keep in mind which of the emissions generated are avoidable, which can at least be reduced and which have to be compensated due to their unavoidability», Felix Maaß, Manager Commercial Programs, explains and continues: «In the first step, we have to get an overview and understand exactly where CO2 emissions occur. Only then can we seriously question the fundamental necessity and our processes and develop and evaluate appropriate measures. To be honest, we are still at the beginning, but we have now reached the first major milestone and implemented the first optimisations. For example, the advertising materials such as elliptical columns, posters, shelf stoppers or banderoles are now made of 100 per cent recycled paper thanks to a changeover. The shipping carton, the filling material and the adhesive tapes are now also made of recycled material. In addition, the shipping of advertising materials is climate-compatible and is carried out by a logistics service provider.»

Climate-neutral does not mean that no emissions are produced during the production, storage or dispatch of the advertising materials. Some of them are unavoidable - for example those that occur during the preparation, i.e. the recycling of the paper for the advertising materials and also for filling material or cardboard packaging. The same applies to emissions that occur during the transport of the materials. However, these unavoidable emissions are offset with the help of certificates from a moorland project.

Since last year, the beverage producer has been supported by the non-profit organisation myclimate in calculating the offsetting amount. «With myclimate, we have found a professional partner for solid figures and for offsetting in high-quality certified carbon offset projects, which also brings meaningful approaches for systematisation», says Jonathan F. Döhling, Head of Commercial Operations. He is pleased to have created a good basis with the pilot project to be able to initially implement further promotions and eventually all advertising material in a climate-neutral way.

More information on the climate protection certificate «CCEP Promotion Coke Zero»


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