Support Programme for Heat Pumps in Multiple Dwelling Units

Project type: Energy Efficiency

Project location: Switzerland

Project status: In operation, exclusive

Annual CO₂ reduction: 2 500 t

The myclimate support programme for heat pumps offers funding for the replacement of old oil and natural gas heating in rented residential properties. The Switzerland-wide funding programme will finance geothermal, water and air source heat pumps with an output of between 15 and 400 kW. 

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Multiple dwelling units (MDU) in Switzerland continue to be heated using mostly fossil fuels, and as such make a substantial contribution towards Switzerland's CO₂ emissions. At the same time, in around 70 per cent of properties , one form of fossil heating will be replaced by another; in cities such as Geneva, Biel, Lucerne, Bern or Zurich, the percentage is even higher. However, technology is available nowadays to ensure that heating pump systems can also reliably supply heating to large properties in an environmentally friendly manner. The financial contribution provided by this support programme removes the obstacles presented by high investment costs.

Attractive funding contributions

The level of funding is calculated by myclimate on the basis of the previous year's energy consumption (adjusted for climatic conditions). This amounts to CHF 0.10/kWh for air-to-water heat pumps and CHF 0.18/kW h for ground-source-to-water or water-to-water heat pumps. For correctly dimensioned systems, this corresponds to approximately CHF 1.00/1.80 respectively per litre of oil or approximately CHF 200/360 per kilowatt of installed capacity. These amounts may be higher than those of the respective cantonal support programme.

Funding criteria

In order to benefit from the funding, certain criteria must be met:

  • Replacement of existing oil or gas heating with a heat pump system
  • The main purpose of the rental property is residential. Permitted building categories include multiple dwelling units and tenanted residential buildings with an ancillary function.
  • Properties under the condominium or cooperative housing association model of ownership do not qualify for funding.
  • Systems installed as part of the construction of a new building are likewise ineligible for funding.
  • The total heating capacity must be between 15 and 400 kWth (for smaller  projects, please see our funding programme up to 15 kWth)
  • No double funding: no additional private financial assistance, or funding from the federal, cantonal or municipal government may be applied for.
  • The order and work (significant investments) must not have been commissioned already.

Further criteria can be found in the registration form.

Apply for funding for your heat pump in just a few steps

  1. Register your project using our form before awarding the job to a contractor.
  2. myclimate will send the funding agreement to the building owner or building administration, if they represent the building owner (for smaller projects under CHF 10,000 the registration form is sufficient).
  3. The building owner awards the contract to the installation company and permits the installation of the heat pump system.
  4. Submit the commissioning report to myclimate and you will receive the funding contribution, provided that all criteria for participation in the programme have been met.

This carbon-offset project has been made possible thanks to funding from the KliK Foundation.

Enquiries and contacts

If you have technical or planning questions relating to heat pump systems, please contact a heat pump specialist in your area.

Do you have general questions relating to the funding programme? Don't hesitate to send us an email or give us a call (+41 44 500 43 50).

This project contributes to 2 SDGs:

Around 9 000 MWh of renewable heat will be generated annually.

2.50  t CO2 will be saved annually.

Situation without project

70% of all oil or gas heating in MDU's will continue to be replaced by other means of fossil fuel heating

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