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myclimate offers support for developing climate protection projects in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein. We add suitable projects to our project portfolio under contract and support them by purchasing the generated emissions reductions.

The myclimate support for developing climate protections projects includes the entire project development process from the project idea to the issuing of CO₂ certificates in accordance with Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN)/Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) guidelines or the "myclimate Guidelines for Domestic Projects". Are you looking for support in developing a new climate protection project and considering sources of project funding? All domestic myclimate climate protection projects must fulfil certain basic criteria. Please use the following checklist to make sure your project idea fits before submitting it to myclimate. It must fulfil all of the points on the list. The criteria for international projects can be found here.


Project criteria:

  1. The annual emissions reduction of the project or programme is expected to be greater than 2000 tonnes of CO2 per year.
  2. The emissions reduction is quantifiable.
  3. The project does not consist solely of an education, marketing or consulting activity.
  4. The project has not yet been implemented and no substantial order has yet been issued.
  5. The project needs additional financial support to overcome financial or other obstacles that are hindering implementation.
  6. Emissions reductions generated by the project are not being credited or sold in another way.
  7. The project contributes to sustainable development.

How does the development of climate protection projects work?

Climate protection projects follow an internationally recognised development process. We stay in close touch with the project owners throughout the entire lifecycle of the project. Please expect a period of at least one year before the project is registered.

  • During an initial phase, project sourcing, our experts assess the feasibility of the climate protection project using the project outline.
  • In the due diligence phase, we examine the project thoroughly. We create a strong financing model and clarify contractual matters.
  • In the development phase we formulate the definitive project design (Project Design Document, PDD), which is then checked externally (project validation and registration).
  • During implementation we support project monitoring and verification as well as the issuing, sale and retirement of emissions reduction certificates.

Would you like to develop a project in Switzerland, Germany, Austria or Liechtenstein that meets the basic criteria above?

  • Download our Project Idea Note (PIN) template.
  • Send us your project outline (PIN) filled in to the greatest possible extent along with relevant additional material at
  • Once you submit your project outline, myclimate will assess your project and get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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