Migros en Route to “Net Zero”

The Migros Group has set itself binding climate protection targets. The retail corporation has formalised its path to reaching “net zero” by 2050 at the latest and formulated three main goals. myclimate is supporting Migros on this journey and is enabling the reduction of CO2 emissions along the Migros value chains through the development of customised carbon offset projects.

Photo: Migros

Migros undertook to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions some time ago and is pursuing innovative and effective approaches to this end. This makes it one of the most sustainable retailers in the world. Through the formulation of its new targets with respect to the achievement of “net zero”, Migros is now demonstrating even more clearly how it is hoping to lower its emissions and do business in line with the climate protection goals agreed in Paris. The group has defined three main targets for this purpose:

  • Climate-neutral operations from 2022: Migros is to be climate neutral from 2022 at the branch operation level of the orange M.
  • Reductions by 2030: Migros undertakes to bring about a reduction in corporate greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent by 2030, in addition to ensuring a cut of around 30 per cent in the upstream and downstream value chain.
  • Commitment to the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi): The Migros Group has set itself science-based climate targets that have been approved by the SBTi. Specific reduction measures are already underway for the achievement of these goals. In this way, the cooperative hopes to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions in line with the SBTi target to net zero by 2050.


Migros Implements Carbon Offset Projects Within its own Supply Chains

To achieve the Migros Group’s ambitious, science-based climate targets, Migros and myclimate have established the M-climate fund. Money from this fund will be used to finance measures for the reduction of CO2 emissions in the value chain. Companies throughout the Migros Group and their suppliers will thus be offered a financing instrument for the promotion of effective climate protection domestically and abroad.

The M-climate fund will be financed through the pricing of CO2 emissions in Migros Group companies and through customer offsetting. These financial resources will be used to support carbon offset projects developed specifically for the fund, which effectively reduce CO2 emissions along the company’s own value chain – in Switzerland and internationally. If these carbon offset projects are realised in accordance with international standards, they can also be used for the offsetting of greenhouse gas emissions. Since the projects are being implemented within the Migros value chain, they are referred to as carbon insetting.

The financing mechanism of the M-climate fund also contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions. This is because the Migros Group sets itself a financial incentive for the reduction of these emissions through their pricing, thereby making use of the tangible steering effect of an internal CO2 price.

myclimate is providing support with project assessment and development, calculations and the monitoring of the respective CO2 savings, as well as the management of the M-climate fund.

One example of a project from the M-climate fund is the project “Climate-friendly cacao agroforestry in the Ivory Coast”, which is encouraging fairer and more sustainable cacao farming.


Consumers Provided with Transparent Information Thanks to the M-Check Rating System

Consumers and their preferences are also an important link in the path to becoming a sustainable supermarket. Thanks to the M-Check rating system (assessed by myclimate), with more and more Migros products it is now apparent what their impact is, in terms of carbon footprint and animal welfare. This rating enables Migros customers to make conscious consumption choices and acts as a steer to some extent.

The involvement of consumers, in addition to Migros’s sustainability activities, is an important measure on the journey to becoming a climate-friendly retail chain.


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