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You as a company can make a contribution to the financing of myclimate climate protection projects. In addition to reducing your own emissions, this can be an important building block in your climate strategy towards reaching net zero. By engaging this way, you are already gaining voluntary experience in factoring in the costs of unavoidable CO₂ emissions and taking responsibility for them as a company.


By investing in myclimate climate protection projects, you not only focus on greenhouse gas emissions but also contribute to sustainable development in the sense of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). All myclimate projects cover various SDGs and meet the highest quality standards, such as the Gold Standard or Plan Vivo, while selected projects also meet the standards of VCS, incl. CCB (Climate, Community & Biodiversity) and/or SD-VISta (Sustainable Development Verified Impact Standard). 

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Financing of climate protection projects for corporate clients

myclimate calculates your company’s emissions on an annual basis using the myclimate smart 3 software. Based on the emitted tonnes of CO₂, you can financially support high-quality climate protection projects from myclimate.

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Carbon Insetting – Climate Protection in the Supply Chain

Carbon insetting is an investment by your company in emissions reduction projects within the supply chain. In contrast to emissions reduction in external climate protection projects (carbon offset projects), climate protection money remains within your company’s value creation cycle.

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The way to become a Net-Zero company

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