Record results in climate protection

Foundation myclimate is publishing its annual report 2022. In the last year, revenues rose by 32 per cent to almost 60 million Swiss francs. Through the financial support of companies and private individuals, myclimate climate protection projects saved 3.8 million tonnes of CO2 in the last year. This equates to almost 10 per cent of domestic emissions in Switzerland in the same year. myclimate’s action-oriented education projects also raised awareness of the issue of climate protection among numerous people. And with its introduction of a new climate protection label, along with its decision to phase out terms like “climate neutrality” and “compensation”, myclimate is ushering in a new era in climate protection.

In 2022, companies and private individuals took responsibility for almost 3.9 million tonnes of CO2. At the same time, 3.8 million tonnes of certified carbon emissions reductions were generated from myclimate climate protection projects. This equates to almost 10 per cent of domestic emissions in Switzerland in the same year. It’s a record result for the charitable climate protection organisation, whose projects have succeeded in reducing carbon emissions by 16.3 million tonnes since it was founded. For companies pursuing net zero targets, voluntary financing of climate protection remains an essential cornerstone, alongside prevention or reduction of their own in-house emissions, and is vital for achieving global climate protection targets. In addition, the myclimate educational programme once again raised awareness among numerous people and inspired them to take effective action.  

The foundation’s total income amounted to 59.5 million Swiss francs in 2022. In the previous year, myclimate reported income of almost 45 million Swiss francs. Income from donations and contributions to climate protection totalled 54.3 million Swiss francs, the largest component of revenue. Education brought in 1.49 million Swiss francs, slightly lower than the previous year’s level. The Consulting and Solutions division increased earnings by 15 per cent to reach 2.7 million Swiss francs. All of this shows that there is even greater demand among companies for concrete solutions and measures regarding climate protection, and for the development of comprehensive climate strategies for reducing in-house emissions. This represents a sustainable contribution to global climate protection.  

The 197 climate protection projects that myclimate has carried out in 45 countries also make an impact at the social, ecological and economical levels, and contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To date, over 22,400 jobs have been created, 24 million trees planted and 3.8 billion litres of water treated, to name just three examples. More than 10.3 million people around the world benefit directly from these projects. Over 200,000 people have already benefited from the myclimate educational programme since the foundation was established. 

“Our 2022 figures fill me with confidence,” says myclimate CEO Stephen Neff. “With courage and a pioneering spirit, and the help of our partners, we have succeeded in making a positive difference to the climate at all levels.” 


The myclimate impact label – an important step for climate protection 

To ensure sustainable, future-proof impact, all climate protection measures need to be traceable and transparently communicated. So, in 2022, myclimate became the first climate protection organisation in the German-speaking world to present the new impact label “Engaged for Impact”. At the same time, myclimate chose to phase out terms such as “climate neutrality” and “compensation”, and usher in a new era in climate protection. The new myclimate impact label already reflects recent changes to the political framework conditions for the voluntary and compliance-related carbon market in line with the Paris Agreement. 


You can read the full annual report here. 

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