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How much CO₂ is emitted during a flight? – myclimate has updated the online flight calculator

Zurich, 14 August 2019 – myclimate gives its customers the opportunity to calculate emissions generated by flights and to offset these via carbon offset projects on the platform at Using current data from the aviation industry and with adjustments to the methodology in line with international norms, myclimate has now brought this service up to date. Current studies also corroborate myclimate’s calculation and evaluation of the climate-averse effects of aviation, which are not directly linked to CO₂ emissions.

Turning Point in Climate Protection? The myclimate foundation registers strong growth in the area of voluntary carbon offsetting in its annual report

Zurich, 20 June 2019 – The Swiss climate protection foundation myclimate today published its 2018 annual report. The total income from the three business areas Education, Consulting and Solutions as well as Offsetting totalled more than 20 million francs for the first time. Income grew by more than 40 percent compared to 2017. For the first time in the foundation’s 17-year history, over a million tonnes of CO₂ emission were offset with myclimate. The increase in offsetting by private customers is also impressive. Carbon offsetting and climate protection contributions via the freely accessible CO₂ calculator increased by 70 percent in 2018 compared to the record year of 2017.

myclimate honours climate pioneers in tourism

Berlin/Zürich, 08 March 2019 – The climate protection organisation myclimate awarded four companies the myclimate Awards at the ITB 2019. With this award, the Swiss foundation honours sustainable and economically successful offers in tourism. The winners in 2019 are the Brunni-Engelberg Berbahnen, the Schweizerhof & The SPA hotel in Bern, La Palma Travel from Germany and the Niesenbahn AG. Before the award ceremony, moderator Fritz Lietsch, editor-in-chief of the Forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften, discussed the topic "Responsibility for sustainable tourism offers" with Simone Gruber from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), tourism expert Urs Wohler, director of Niesenbahn AG, and myclimate marketing manager Kai Landwehr. The myclimate "Cause We Care" programme was also presented.

Des idées et des innovations pour un «futur formidable» – myclimate avec un nouveau site Web, un nouveau film et une nouvelle campagne

Zurich, le 27.11.2018 – L’organisation de la protection climatique myclimate met en avant, dans le cadre de sa communication, des projets et des entreprises qui posent dès aujourd’hui la pierre angulaire d’un avenir respectueux du climat et des humains. Dans le même temps, myclimate a modifié son propre site Web et produit un nouveau film. Lors de la création et la conception, myclimate a été soutenue en grande partie par l’agence partenaire Maxomedia de Berne.

Stephen Neff Appointed New Managing Director of myclimate

Zurich, 3 September 2018 – The Swiss foundation myclimate has a new Managing Director. Stephen Neff brings with him more than fifteen years of management experience from companies focused on energy and innovative, sustainable technologies.

Successful year for climate protection – the myclimate Foundation board presents record turnover in the 2017 annual report

Zurich, 29 May 2018 – The Swiss climate protection foundation myclimate has published its annual report for 2017 today. In doing so, myclimate is looking back at its most successful financial year since the Foundation was established. The earnings have risen to more than 14 million Swiss francs (CHF). Last year, more than 800,000 tons of CO2 have been offset with myclimate. In Switzerland, strong partnerships, including with Migros and Coop, as well as a further rise in interest amongst private individuals, have contributed to this great result. In addition, the myclimate "cause we care" campaign which is starting to sustainably change Swiss tourism was launched. Internationally, myclimate advanced its positioning thanks to attractive partnerships and opportunities. Since it was founded, myclimate has been able to mobilise 100 million Swiss francs for climate protection projects.

myclimate is participating in the Climate Conference in Bonn

Zurich/Bonn, 6 November – Monday, 6 November, the 23rd World Climate Conference (COP 23) will begin in Bonn. Until 17 November, international climate policy and the implementation of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change will be discussed and negotiated. myclimate is an accredited observer organisation in Bonn and will participate in various events.

Communiqué de presse – Un revirement qui bat des records: myclimate publie son rapport annuel 2016

Zurich, le 29 juin 2017 – La fondation suisse de protection climatique myclimate a publié aujourd’hui son résultat annuel 2016. Pour l’année calendaire 2016, environ 725’000 tonnes de CO2 au total ont été compensées par des entreprises et des personnes privées grâce à des projets de protection climatique de myclimate. Ce nombre est un record absolu. Les projets de protection du climat myclimate qui livrèrent en 2016 également des résultats record et des nouvelles encourageantes pour la protection du climat à l’échelle mondiale, démontrent qu’une protection du climat beaucoup plus conséquente pourrait être réalisée sans aucun problème. Les activités éducatives de myclimate ont pu poursuivre leur tendance à la hausse et célébrer quelques premières.

Press release – A Turnaround with Records – myclimate Publishes its Annual Report 2016

Zurich, 29 June 2017 – The Swiss climate protection foundation myclimate today published its 2016 annual report. Overall in 2016, around 725,000 tonnes of CO2 were offset by companies and private individuals through myclimate climate protection projects. This is an absolute record value. The fact that far more climate protection would be possible without any problems is proven by the myclimate climate protection projects, which also delivered new record results and positive news for worldwide climate protection in 2016. myclimate's educational activities were able to continue their growth trend and to celebrate premieres.

The airline industry's climate protection deal

Zurich, 7th October 2016 – myclimate criticises the climate protection deal reached today by the international aviation industry. "The concept of 'climate-neutral growth' from the ICAO CORSIA (Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation) agreement is an enormous missed opportunity. In light of climate change, global emissions goals and the economic situation, the best approach would be to fully offset the 800 million tons of CO2 that aircraft release into the atmosphere annually. And with 100 billion additional dollars in their pockets, this is something the industry could do", says myclimate Managing Director René Estermann.

Impetus from Paris? – myclimate Publishes Annual Report 2015

Zurich, 13 July 2016 – The Swiss climate protection foundation myclimate today published its 2015 annual report. The outstanding initial situation as a result of record low energy prices is not reflected in the foundation's operating result. The strong results of the divisions Consulting & Solutions and Climate Education as well as the operating result of the subsidiary myclimate Deutschland do not completely offset the decline in compensated tonnes. Overall in 2015, 550,000 tonnes of CO2 were compensated by companies and private individuals with myclimate climate protection projects. In 2015, these delivered further record results and positive news for global climate protection.

Tourism and climate protection – a blue ribbon panel on the consequences of the Paris Climate Agreement and the Tourism Awards

Zürich/Reutlingen, 1 March 2016 – 195 countries have agreed to limit climate change in the Paris Agreement reached at the climate conference in Paris. The change to a more climate friendly society will also not spare tourism. The specific effects on the international tourism industry will be the focus of myclimate's trade fair presence at the 2016 ITB. Fritz Lietsch, Editor in Chief of the Sustainable Business Forum, will moderate a blue ribbon discussion panel from 2 pm on 10 March on the small stage in Hall 4.1. Following the discussion, suppliers and service providers who have undertaken pioneering steps towards climate protection will be lauded with the myclimate Awards for tourism trailblazers.

myclimate projects receive honours at the COP21

Zürich/Paris, 11. Dezember 2015 –The Secretariat of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) awarded a total of sixteen activities focussing on climate protection, sustainable development and clean technology at the COP21 in Paris. The projects are named “Game Changing Climate Lighthouse Activities”. Among these are two projects for which myclimate provided significant support.

1600 pionniers de l'énergie et du climat surprennent Bertrand Piccard avec une installation gigantesque de miroirs

Berne, le 17 novembre 2015 – 1600 enfants et adolescents ont aujourd'hui donné vie à la Berner Kursaal. Ils célébraient ensemble la grande fête de clôture de l'initiative «Pionniers de l'énergie et du climat». Des classes entières étaient venues d'écoles de Suisse alémanique et de Romandie pour passer en revue leur engagement pour la protection du climat et la gestion efficace de l'énergie au cours de l'année scolaire passée. En remerciement pour leur engagement, ces élèves de 7 à 16 ans ont pu faire la connaissance de leur modèle Bertrand Piccard, le parrain du projet et le pilote de Solar Impulse. Ces jeunes défenseurs du climat l'ont alors surpris avec une installation gigantesque de miroirs.

Shaping the Future – myclimate Publishes the 2014 Annual Report

Zurich, 18 June 2015 – The Swiss climate protection foundation myclimate today pub-lished its 2014 annual report. Contrary to general developments on the market, mycli-mate was able to report growth with respect to the amount of CO2 offset in tonnes. Companies, institutions and private individuals offset more than 620,000 tonnes of CO2 via myclimate last year. The Advice & Solutions and Climate Education business areas saw strong growth in the past year. Dr Urs Egger is to be the new President of the myclimate Foundation Board.

La fondation myclimate revient à ses racines

Zurich, le 18 mai 2015 – L’organisation de protection climatique myclimate déménage. Dès la mi-juin, le siège de la fondation d’utilité publique sera situé à l’ouest de Zurich. Les 50 salariés déménagent rue Pfingstweidstrasse, dans le nouveau Forum Z. En parallèle, le logo de la fondation subit une transformation.

L’Office fédéral de l’énergie et Swisscom s’engagent pour l’initiative «Pionniers de l’énergie et du climat»

SuisseEnergie, le programme d’action national de l’Office fédéral de l’énergie (OFEN) soutient dès à présent l’initiative «Pionniers du climat» et enrichit le programme scolaire de contenus portant sur l’univers thématique de l’énergie. L’initiative lancée par Swisscom a déjà, en collaboration avec les partenaires myclimate et Solar Impulse, touché plus de 11 000 élèves suisses. Ces derniers ont découvert les interactions entre le climat, le réchauffement climatique et le comportement humain, et ont ensuite mis en œuvre les connaissances acquises dans leur propre projet de protection climatique.

Harvest Time – myclimate Publishes the 2013 Annual Report

Zurich, 25 June 2014 – The Swiss climate protection foundation myclimate today published its annual report for 2013. In terms of the sale of CO2 offsets, myclimate has maintained its growth rate and once again saw an increase by around 100,000 tonnes of CO2. Over the last year, companies, institutions and private individuals have offset more than 600,000 tonnes of CO2 via myclimate. But the CO2 reductions achieved in the projects are increasing even faster than the CO2 offsets sold. In the 76 global myclimate climate protection projects in 30 countries, 860,000 tonnes of CO2 have effectively been saved over the same period. The foundation’s total revenue, including the areas of Climate Education and Carbon Management Services, amounted to over 12.7 million Swiss francs in 2013.

myclimate - l’Atelier pour le climat élit les projets de protection du climat 2014 les plus créatifs.

Le 4 juin, l'atelier pour le climat a fêté l'une des années les plus fructueuses en termes de projets. Cette année le record a été largement battu avec 125 équipes ayant participé au projet d'éducation climatique. Cela représente une augmentation de 40% par rapport à l’année précédente. Lors de la cérémonie de remise des prix qui a eu lieu à Zurich-Altstetten, 12 équipes ont eu la joie de recevoir un prix pour leur projet, attribué par le jury et 1 équipe a reçu le prix du publique. La première équipe de chacune des quatre catégories a reçu CHF 1000.- en espèce. Parmi ces 13 équipes, 3 équipes romandes ont reçu un prix.

myclimate and Yunus Social Business launch "Social Business Climate Innovation Fund"

Zurich/Kuala Lumpur, 08.11.2013 – Yesterday, on the occasion of the Global Social Business Summit in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Swiss climate protection foundation myclimate and Yunus Social Business launched the "Social Business Climate Innovation Fund". Its aim is to support social businesses worldwide, which demonstrably protect the environment.

Growth in all Areas – Climate Protection Foundation myclimate Publishes its Annual Report 2012

Zurich, 13 June 2013 – The Zurich climate protection foundation myclimate today published its Annual Report for 2012. myclimate posted growth in all three areas: CO2 Compensation, Carbon Management Services and Climate Education. At 13.5 million francs, the total income of the non-profit-oriented organisation hit a new record mark. With two million tons of CO2 reductions sold since its establishment in 2002, myclimate was also able to reach a further milestone in 2013. In 2012, the Annual Report will be published in an interactive online format for the first time.

UpEnergy and myclimate Strike Deal to Fund the Manufacture and Sale of Efficient Household Cookstoves in El Salvador

San Francisco, USA and Zürich, Switzerland. (March 19, 2012) – Up Energy Group, Inc. (UpEnergy), a social enterprise that distributes and sells efficient household energy products in the developing world at affordable prices by leveraging carbon finance, and the myclimate Foundation (myclimate), a leading provider of high-quality carbon compensation products and services, have partnered to sell efficient household cookstoves to underserved, poor communities in El Salvador.

The stoves being sold decrease wood consumption by about 50% and significantly reduce indoor air pollution, a leading cause of death and disease in El Salvador.


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