Communicate and engage in climate protection

Showcase your carbon offsetting efforts and your successes. This way, you can position yourself credibly and transparently as a responsible and progressive company. Benefit from increased brand awareness and recognition and motivate other companies and individuals to take action on climate change.


There are many ways to communicate your climate protection efforts. Use them to ensure that your contribution to a sustainable future is heard. myclimate offers your company support in internal and external communications, the ability to demonstrate your climate neutrality with the myclimate label, prepares SDG reports for you or advises you on the development of strategic partnerships.



myclimate is convinced that the basis of effective climate protection lies in the action-oriented education of future generations. To this end, myclimate realises educational projects in primary schools, secondary schools and vocational training colleges, thus enabling young people to find out at an early age how they can actively help create a climate-friendly Switzerland. To implement these projects, we rely on third-party funding from foundations, the public sector, but also companies. Support us and help us develop young people into tomorrow’s movers and shakers.

Get an overview of the available services:

SDG Reporting

myclimate offers you an effective tool for your impact measurement in the shape of myclimate smart 3. It systematically records and evaluates your relevant data (KPIs). The software provides you with evaluations and reports adapted to your individual customer needs, demonstrating your impact in the form of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Climate-​neutral with the myclimate label

Integrate active climate protection into your company, your product, your service, or your event, and communicate your commitment to climate protection credibly and transparently. With the myclimate label, we link responsible actions with marketing and scientific aspects with profitability. This allows you to actively position your company with the inclusion of innovative climate protection in your business activities. 

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Climatop label

The "climatop" label certifies products and services that generate significantly less greenhouse gas than comparable products.

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External Reviews (MRV)

myclimate regularly produces external expert reports to verify carbon footprints and life cycle assessments. To this end, greenhouse gas inventories created internally or externally are reviewed in terms of how the methodology was applied and the resilience of the selected emissions factors.

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Support climate education

Support myclimate climate education, profit from the image of myclimate and communicate positively about specific, local commitments. Since 2007 we have developed education projects and gained strong partners from the business community, politics and society on our side.

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Strategic Partnership

Sustainability has become an important corporate philosophy for many companies. Actual integration into in-​house processes, the selection of the most effective measures and communication across all channels continue to pose huge challenges for companies.

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