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Since 2007, the Migros Group and myclimate have been working together on making the company more climate friendly. A particular focus of this collaboration is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions along the entire value chain and thus the achievement of this major firm’s binding climate targets. Out of this work has emerged the M Climate Fund and M-Check, a sustainability scale for displaying a product’s carbon footprint.

With our new sustainability model, we as the Migros Group have set ourselves ambitions climate protection goals conforming to the Paris Agreement. The new M Climate Fund enables money to be allocated to implement projects in our own value creation chain. We consider it our responsibility to actively cut emissions in our supply chain. The Foundation myclimate helps us implement these climate protection projects with their many years of experience, and verifies how much CO2 emissions we save in the process.

Christine Wiederkehr-Luther, Head of Sustainability Division, Migros Group

M Climate Fund: a Success Story

Since the start of 2018, Migros cooperatives have been declaring, reducing and offsetting all the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the air transportation of their goods. This takes place in carbon offset projects developed in-house, which myclimate implements along Migros’s supply chain, both in Switzerland and internationally. The pricing of CO2 emissions acts as an incentive to offer more products that do not require transport by air.

In mid-2021, the initiative was expanded to the entire Migros Group. All Migros companies can now price in their CO2 emissions. The climate contributions that our customers make on their shopping baskets (Migros Online) also flow into this fund. The financial resources generated in this way are used to promote climate protection along the Migros value chains at home and abroad. If activities are implemented in accordance with international standards (Gold Standard, Plan Vivo), they can also be used to offset the emissions.

There are numerous potential approaches to projects along Migros’ value-creation chains. For example, new production facilities can be set up in nearby countries, which make it unnecessary to import products via air freight. In Switzerland, there are opportunities to improve climate protection within the Migros cooperatives, industry and logistics, thanks to its integrated structure. Sustainable organisation and improved use of space in rice, coffee and tea cultivation offer a good deal of potential for effective climate protection with significant socio-economic benefits. The money generated by our customers' climate contribution is used exclusively for projects by Migros suppliers.

Implementation takes place via the M Climate Fund, which myclimate administers in close cooperation with the Federation of Migros Cooperatives. The fund contributes to Migros' goal of reducing its own emissions over the long term as well as the goals of the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi). myclimate is responsible for project assessments, emission calculation, monitoring the respective reduction of CO2 and fund management. The following projects are already being implemented:

Companies and Suppliers of the Migros Group:

The M Climate Fund relies on your project ideas! Information on submitting project proposals and the associated requirements can be found in the funding applications.

Funding application for insetting projects (in German) | Funding application for reduction projects (in German)

Get in touch if you would like to submit a potential project for further investigation. myclimate will help you assess your project idea and check whether it meets the necessary requirements.

More information about the M Climate Fund

Migros sustainability scale verified by myclimate

March 2021: Migros expanded its sustainability scale, M-Check, to include the indicators CO2-balance and animal welfare. Star ratings on Migros packaging show consumers at a glance how products perform in terms of these two topics. With this, Migros is offering a simple tool for conscious and more sustainable consumption. The more stars there are (a maximum of five), the more climate and animal-friendly the product. The CO2-rating covers criteria such as cultivation, transportation routes and packaging. myclimate analysed the concept and methodology of the rating system as part of an external review and performed random checks.

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