Regional Climate Protection for Businesses

By way of a contribution to climate protection with a regional connection, the implementation of high-quality carbon protection projects in Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria can be supported financially. As part of this commitment, myclimate offers the option of a project visit and active involvement, so that climate protection and environmental engagement for companies can be put into practice and experienced right on their doorstep.

With regional climate protection, myclimate promotes nature-based solutions in particular. This means that these projects not only help with carbon dioxide reduction but also protect or restore existing ecosystems or manage them sustainably.

More than Carbon Dioxide Reduction – Protecting Ecosystems on the Doorstep

Would your company like to provide direct support to climate protection activities directly your region? By engaging with regional climate protection through myclimate, you are supporting projects close by that either avoid CO₂ emissions or remove CO₂ from the atmosphere and store it as carbon.

Within the scope of so-called nature-based solutions (NbS), the former refers, for example, to preventing the deforestation of existing forests or to the rewetting of moors, with the key concept being “avoidance”. For the latter, meanwhile, there are projects in the field of natural climate solutions involving reforestation or supporting the build-up of humus in arable soils – what we refer to as natural carbon dioxide removal (“removals”) or negative emissions. By committing to these kinds of projects, you and your company are helping to protect and rebuild native ecosystems and strengthen biodiversity at the same time.

The Highest Standards Guarantee Effective Climate Protection

myclimate defines the requirements and principles of projects for regional climate protection based on 20 years’ experience in the development and implementation of certification. The projects supported are therefore guided by the criteria of the highest standards in voluntary climate protection, such as the Gold Standard, Plan Vivo and VCS in the area of land usage (including CCB and/or SD VISta), or regional standards such as MoorFutures or Max.Moor. 

This kind of regional engagement constitutes a voluntary contribution to regional climate protection. The climate impact achieved (volume of carbon dioxide avoided or sequestered) and other contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are quantified and verified by myclimate. In return for your efforts, we issue you with a confirmation, so you can highlight them in your communication and make them tangible. 

The emissions reductions or carbon sinks you facilitate remain in the greenhouse gas balance of the country in which the carbon protection project takes place.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Through regional climate protection, myclimate aims to support climate protection locally. This involves projects that have not yet been able to be implemented financially, for whose implementation there is no legal obligation, or also approaches that involve new or innovative elements. 

Projects for Regional Climate Protection

Support climate protection and nature conservation in your area. The following projects are currently available:

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