Ecological Waste Management Creates Jobs

Project type: Waste Management and Compost

Project location: Nairobi, Kenya

Annual CO₂ reduction: 1,466 t

Most residents of Nairobi burn their trash or dump it illegally in the city because adequate waste disposal is unaffordable. This climate protection project provides affordable waste management services, recycling and composting of 80 per cent of collected waste, thereby reducing carbon emissions.

As in many other fast growing cities around the world, waste management is a huge issue in Nairobi. Due to inadequate planning and a lack of financial resources in public administrations 2.5 million people or two third of the population do not have access to any affordable waste management services. Therefore, most residents burn their trash or dump it illegally in the city and as a result often suffer severe health problems like infectious diseases or respiratory health symptoms among adults and children

The vision of myclimate’s local partner TakaTaka Solutions (‘TakaTaka’ stands for the Kiswahili word ‘waste’) is a world without waste. After having run a pilot in Nairobi’s low-income area of Kangemi for two years, TakaTaka Solutions currently provides affordable waste collection services to 32,000 people turning four tonnes of organic waste into compost per day as well as providing over 80 jobs to underprivileged youths (25-35 years old). Three recycling points have been built in the Kangemi slum and in the quarters Kawangware and Githogoro. A new composting facility with an initial capacity to handle 25 tonnes of organic waste per day has been built, being the first composting plant in Africa using Gore aerated windrow-technology. The goal of the project is, that 80’000 people would benefit from affordable waste collection services and 20 tonnes of waste would be recycled per day by 2016. The project activities are anticipated to create 200 jobs and to reduce over a 25’000 tonnes of CO2 over the next 10 years. 

Working together closely with the Kenyan social business TakaTaka Solutions and other partners, myclimate helps to implement an innovative socio-economic solution to achieve a recycling rate of up to 90 per cent. Besides awareness campaigns for waste separation, the project involves groups of local youths to collect waste for a small fee, sorting it and selling the recyclable materials (paper, plastics, glass, textile) as well as bringing the organic waste to the compost facility where it is turned into compost. This natural fertilizer is sold on as high-quality and valuable compost for farmers. During the pilot phase trials are being conducted on two test farms with the organic fertilizer.

Thus, the holistic approach tackles the waste problem by following a sustainable social business approach, giving waste a value and creating jobs. Further, living conditions are significantly improved in terms of environmental pollution and health. The carbon finance will provide additional revenues that support the financial sustainability of the composting facility. Seen as the agricultural market for compost is still underdeveloped in Kenia, these additional revenues will also support the market development and help to achieve the scale needed to be sustainable. 

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